Eden Mill Nature Center

Native Americans

We learned more about Native Americans. Native Americans used what they could find and used every piece. They used bones, blood, skin, & meat: all of the stuff they had. Native Americans made tools out of the bones they had from the animals they hunted.


Everyone learned new things about bees. We learned that boy bees don’t sting. Only girl bees sting. If you put sugar water on bees they will not fly away. Almost all of the class liked the bee pollination station.

Worms and Composting

We also learned about worms. Worms can go underground. Worms also will eat compost and dandelions and grass. Composting has 2 different categories: the browns and the green.


Written by LH, LP, and RF

February 19, 2016

On Wednesday, February 16, 2016, Mr. Bomani Armah came to our school. He is a hip hop musician and poet. He was fun and creative. He showed us some of his new songs and his old songs. Also, Mr. Bomani taught us to be free in your music, heart and mind by letting you be who you are. We sang along with him with an echo song called,“Shake It off, Take It off, Break it off.” 

Mr. Bomani helped us to learn that in the 1970s  there were towns that were torn up so people painted on trains to make the town look better. He told us about the trains going back and forth and it was like the kids were having a competition. We also danced with Mr. Bomani. We did a freeze dance with poses and then, in the poses we did “deuces” which means peace. 



Written by L.S, A.G, and Anonymous

Blue Herons Fall Book Club Character Sketch

Members of the Blue Herons Book Club read A Cricket in Times Square , by George Selden.  We discussed how behavior shows character.  They then had the opportunity to write a character sketch based on the book.  Here are a few:



If I could have a friend it would be Chester (Cricket).  I choose him because he took responsibility when there was a fire.  He is trustworthy because he tried to get a job when he accidentally ate the $2 bill.   He tried to learn as much as he could while he was in New York.  He did this to row as a cricket.



I would choose Harry Cat.  He suggested Tucker use his savings to help Mario and Chester.  Harry Cat was generous.



I would choose Chester Cricket.  Chester is honest and kind, he always played nice music.  He ate the two dollar bill, traveled from Connecticut, made a sound like violins, and as long as he was in New York he wanted to learn as much as he could.  He saved everyone from the fire by setting of the alarm clock.  I love Chester Cricket.  Chester is courageous.


January 21, 2016

Cottage Corner

In our class, we have work in the areas of art, music and practical life. One of the works that is in practical life is sewing. We can sew a button on fabric. We can also sew a snowflake. There also is yoga. We can find a quiet space to do some relaxing poses.

We learn about the artist of the month every month. We have work that helps us learn about the artist of the month. The artist this month is M.C. Escher. The projects this month are: tessellation, geometric collage and perspective. We studied Vincent Van Gogh. We recreated his famous painting: “A Sunflower”. We also learned about Wassily Kandinsky. We reproduced his famous painting: “Squares with Concentric Circles”.  Last month’s artist was Jackson Pollack, he did abstract art.

We also have a lot of music work. We can practice piano. We write music notes and write notes on the treble clef.  We also have a Musician of the week chosen by a student.   





Written by A.E.K.

Trip to Herrs Chip Factory

Trip to Herrs Chip Factory

We went to a snack factory called Herrs. We saw how Herrs made potato chips, corn chips, salsa chips, barbecue chips, pretzels, popcorn and cheese curls. We saw Herrs pack some of those. We got to taste potato chips when they came out of the oven. Herrs used some very cool machines like a camera that took 406 pictures in one second. If the camera found a bad chip, an air machine would blast it off the conveyor belt. Herrs makes 4,000 pretzels in one hour. They let us bring home 1 bag of potato chips and 1 bag of veggie chips. We had different bus partners. We had fun!

Written by D.W. and J.R.

November 20, 2015

Hi parents, On Friday November 6 we got on the bus and we went to the Towson campus of our school. We went on a nature walk and then went inside and ate lunch. We got back on the bus and drove to Goucher College. We saw the play Hiawatha. It was about Peace and Native American culture. We sang songs on the bus and it was bumpy in the back. We had partners on the bus. It was a fun trip!

Written by C.P.

Fall Festival


I’m sure you all know that we recently had a mini fall festival. The first thing we did when we got to school was do fall word searches or word scrambles. Then we had our usual circle. After circle we did different fall crafts. We did three different crafts. The first one was using model magic. We put a pinch of cinnamon in the model magic and mixed it in with the model magic. Then we used marker and turned the model magic into the color we wanted. We then took a leaf from the couple of leaves on the table and pressed it gently into the model magic. The second craft was making a fall picture on paper. The third craft was making a spider web. The teachers had glued together three rigid popsicle sticks, which makes six parts. We used yarn and wove it around the popsicle sticks. When we finished weaving it we either glued or wove a plastic spider in or on the web.

When we finished all the crafts we had a special birthday snack that a friend brought in. We ate our snack and got our shoes on to go over to the animal presentation. There we learned about snakes, bunnies, turtles, bearded dragons, tarantulas and hedgehogs. We got to touch the hedgehog and all the other animals. When a hedgehog is calm, its spikes are down so we could touch him without getting poked. After the animal presentation, we came back and had lunch. Then we went outside and had a longer recess than usual. Some of the recess time we played a game called “Uncle Sam and Aunt Sally”. It was a fun game! Once recess was over we did our journals and then we went home. The next day we had a special snack that we were supposed to have the day before as a fall treat. What we had was a pumpkin roll. It had pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting in it. It was delicious!


Your elementary friend E.W.

October 21, 2015

Hi parents, this week we are going to tell you about language. The older children read the Junior Great Books for reading group. We get vocabulary words and spelling words for every book. In reading group we do projects about the book. For example after we read a book about communication and not always believing what you hear, my group cut out advertisements from magazines, pasted them in our language books and tried to decide if we believed them or not.

We also do writing such as cursive and print. We practice our spelling words. Some kids work on blend and phonogram drawers. Others work on sight words. You can pick word study which includes alphabetizing, classification, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, possessives, plurals, irregular plurals, contraction, homophones, prefixes and suffixes. A lot of us are working on grammar, punctuation, and sentence analysis.

Now let’s talk about grammar. One of the works on the grammar shelves is a farm work. What you have to do is make the scene with the animals and the background. After that, you write down a sentence about the scene and the grammar symbols with the stencil in your language journal.

This is a little of language that we do in our class. We are glad that we can share this with you.  

Written by O.S.

October 8, 2015

In this week’s Cottage corner we will talk about the cosmic curriculum. The cosmic curriculum is the study of history, science and geography.  This week we will talk about science. 

Zoology is the study about animals. We learn about animals by finding facts on the iPad or in books and writing it down on paper. We can also make books about animals. Sometimes we do animal work like matching cards with animal pictures or other cards. It is a very popular work in the classroom.

Botany is the study about plants. We learned that plants give us oxygen. We also learned about the solar system. We learned about how the planets rotate around the sun. There are 8 planets.

This year we are going to learn about anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the body. We will learn about body muscles. We will also learn about difference in animal brains and human brains. Finally, we will learn about why humans walk like they do.   


Written by M.P. and R.A.G.

Edited by Ms. Gina


September 23, 2015

At school we have journals. In our journals, we write what we do at school all day so you know. It has come to our attention that you are not sure of what some of the work is. So let’s start off with math.

We learn lots at school. When we tell you we did the bank game at school you might not know what we are talking about. “So what’s the bank game?” you ask. The bank game is a game where we learn an operation for the first time. We use golden beads to do operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are unit beads, ten bars, hundred squares, and thousand cubes. We use the beads in the bank game to practice an operation we are learning.

“What did you do at school today?” you ask us. “I did stamp game”, we say. “Oh,” you say. But do you know what it is? There are green unit stamps, blue tens stamps, red hundreds stamps, and green thousands stamps. We use them to find the answer to 340 + 40 or any problem!

We hand you our journal and you read “Today I will do reading, painting and snake game.” “What is snake game?” you think. In the snake game, you make a colored snake using bead bars (1 bead -9 beads). You replace the colored bead bars with golden colored bead bars (10 beads). This helps you to learn your addition facts. You can also use the subtraction or multiplication snake game too.

The hundred board is a math work where we count and put number squares on a board that goes from 1-100. The checkerboard looks like a regular checkerboard but it is used for multiplication of both whole numbers and decimals. Bead bars are placed on the board in the right squares in order to do the problems.

When we do racks and tubes, we do division: short division, long division, double digit division and more.

So I hope this has been helpful to you. Always feel free to write us questions and we can explain more. If you ever want to see a lesson on any of these materials, please call the office to schedule a conference. Our teachers would be happy to show you. J



Written By: S.M.

Edited By: Ms. Gina

September 11, 2015

Hi! Welcome to our first Elementary Cottage Corner. This is our space to tell you a little bit about what goes on in the elementary class each week. In this week’s post, I will tell you a little bit about our class and some of the activities we have done so far this year. 

In the elementary class, there are 29 children: 18 girls and 11 boys.  The grades range from 1st-4th. There are three teachers in the class: Ms. Gina, Ms. Gigi, and Ms. Christie. 

There are a lot of work areas in the classroom like language, geometry, math, science, geography, history, art, music, practical life, and the reading corner. New work was brought in for the geography cultural shelf and we also have a bookcase for a library of some of our books. We have this backyard workspace where we can work outside. 

We did some activities to get to know each other. We made a puzzle where we each colored a piece that would represent ourselves and when we put it together, everybody’s piece was different but still fit together. We also brought in brown bags filled with an item that told about us. 

Last Friday, the teachers did a special presentation called “The Coming of the Universe”. It was about the scientific story of how the universe was created. It started with a balloon pop representing the Big Bang. In it, we learned about atoms, the Earth, the solar system and lots of other things. 

Last of all, in the near future, we are going to get a classroom fish!!

Written by L.R.H.

Edited by Ms. Gina