October 8, 2015

In this week’s Cottage corner we will talk about the cosmic curriculum. The cosmic curriculum is the study of history, science and geography.  This week we will talk about science. 

Zoology is the study about animals. We learn about animals by finding facts on the iPad or in books and writing it down on paper. We can also make books about animals. Sometimes we do animal work like matching cards with animal pictures or other cards. It is a very popular work in the classroom.

Botany is the study about plants. We learned that plants give us oxygen. We also learned about the solar system. We learned about how the planets rotate around the sun. There are 8 planets.

This year we are going to learn about anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the body. We will learn about body muscles. We will also learn about difference in animal brains and human brains. Finally, we will learn about why humans walk like they do.   


Written by M.P. and R.A.G.

Edited by Ms. Gina