September 23, 2015

At school we have journals. In our journals, we write what we do at school all day so you know. It has come to our attention that you are not sure of what some of the work is. So let’s start off with math.

We learn lots at school. When we tell you we did the bank game at school you might not know what we are talking about. “So what’s the bank game?” you ask. The bank game is a game where we learn an operation for the first time. We use golden beads to do operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are unit beads, ten bars, hundred squares, and thousand cubes. We use the beads in the bank game to practice an operation we are learning.

“What did you do at school today?” you ask us. “I did stamp game”, we say. “Oh,” you say. But do you know what it is? There are green unit stamps, blue tens stamps, red hundreds stamps, and green thousands stamps. We use them to find the answer to 340 + 40 or any problem!

We hand you our journal and you read “Today I will do reading, painting and snake game.” “What is snake game?” you think. In the snake game, you make a colored snake using bead bars (1 bead -9 beads). You replace the colored bead bars with golden colored bead bars (10 beads). This helps you to learn your addition facts. You can also use the subtraction or multiplication snake game too.

The hundred board is a math work where we count and put number squares on a board that goes from 1-100. The checkerboard looks like a regular checkerboard but it is used for multiplication of both whole numbers and decimals. Bead bars are placed on the board in the right squares in order to do the problems.

When we do racks and tubes, we do division: short division, long division, double digit division and more.

So I hope this has been helpful to you. Always feel free to write us questions and we can explain more. If you ever want to see a lesson on any of these materials, please call the office to schedule a conference. Our teachers would be happy to show you. J



Written By: S.M.

Edited By: Ms. Gina