Fall Festival


I’m sure you all know that we recently had a mini fall festival. The first thing we did when we got to school was do fall word searches or word scrambles. Then we had our usual circle. After circle we did different fall crafts. We did three different crafts. The first one was using model magic. We put a pinch of cinnamon in the model magic and mixed it in with the model magic. Then we used marker and turned the model magic into the color we wanted. We then took a leaf from the couple of leaves on the table and pressed it gently into the model magic. The second craft was making a fall picture on paper. The third craft was making a spider web. The teachers had glued together three rigid popsicle sticks, which makes six parts. We used yarn and wove it around the popsicle sticks. When we finished weaving it we either glued or wove a plastic spider in or on the web.

When we finished all the crafts we had a special birthday snack that a friend brought in. We ate our snack and got our shoes on to go over to the animal presentation. There we learned about snakes, bunnies, turtles, bearded dragons, tarantulas and hedgehogs. We got to touch the hedgehog and all the other animals. When a hedgehog is calm, its spikes are down so we could touch him without getting poked. After the animal presentation, we came back and had lunch. Then we went outside and had a longer recess than usual. Some of the recess time we played a game called “Uncle Sam and Aunt Sally”. It was a fun game! Once recess was over we did our journals and then we went home. The next day we had a special snack that we were supposed to have the day before as a fall treat. What we had was a pumpkin roll. It had pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting in it. It was delicious!


Your elementary friend E.W.