October 21, 2015

Hi parents, this week we are going to tell you about language. The older children read the Junior Great Books for reading group. We get vocabulary words and spelling words for every book. In reading group we do projects about the book. For example after we read a book about communication and not always believing what you hear, my group cut out advertisements from magazines, pasted them in our language books and tried to decide if we believed them or not.

We also do writing such as cursive and print. We practice our spelling words. Some kids work on blend and phonogram drawers. Others work on sight words. You can pick word study which includes alphabetizing, classification, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, possessives, plurals, irregular plurals, contraction, homophones, prefixes and suffixes. A lot of us are working on grammar, punctuation, and sentence analysis.

Now let’s talk about grammar. One of the works on the grammar shelves is a farm work. What you have to do is make the scene with the animals and the background. After that, you write down a sentence about the scene and the grammar symbols with the stencil in your language journal.

This is a little of language that we do in our class. We are glad that we can share this with you.  

Written by O.S.