Blue Herons Fall Book Club Character Sketch

Members of the Blue Herons Book Club read A Cricket in Times Square , by George Selden.  We discussed how behavior shows character.  They then had the opportunity to write a character sketch based on the book.  Here are a few:



If I could have a friend it would be Chester (Cricket).  I choose him because he took responsibility when there was a fire.  He is trustworthy because he tried to get a job when he accidentally ate the $2 bill.   He tried to learn as much as he could while he was in New York.  He did this to row as a cricket.



I would choose Harry Cat.  He suggested Tucker use his savings to help Mario and Chester.  Harry Cat was generous.



I would choose Chester Cricket.  Chester is honest and kind, he always played nice music.  He ate the two dollar bill, traveled from Connecticut, made a sound like violins, and as long as he was in New York he wanted to learn as much as he could.  He saved everyone from the fire by setting of the alarm clock.  I love Chester Cricket.  Chester is courageous.