February 19, 2016

On Wednesday, February 16, 2016, Mr. Bomani Armah came to our school. He is a hip hop musician and poet. He was fun and creative. He showed us some of his new songs and his old songs. Also, Mr. Bomani taught us to be free in your music, heart and mind by letting you be who you are. We sang along with him with an echo song called,“Shake It off, Take It off, Break it off.” 

Mr. Bomani helped us to learn that in the 1970s  there were towns that were torn up so people painted on trains to make the town look better. He told us about the trains going back and forth and it was like the kids were having a competition. We also danced with Mr. Bomani. We did a freeze dance with poses and then, in the poses we did “deuces” which means peace. 



Written by L.S, A.G, and Anonymous