Infant & Toddler Care Program

Serving infants and toddlers from 6 weeks through 2 years of age, this program provides families with both full-time and part-time child care options.  Designed as a foundation program for our school's educational philosophy, the Infant & Toddler Program is ideal for families who want their child to participate in our Montessori programs as early as possible.  Our care environment is based on the Montessori concepts of encouraging movement and sensorial learning opportunities. Our rooms are constructed in a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing manner.  Each room is created and overseen by our Montessori trained, Infant & Toddler Program Director.

Our Infant & Toddler Care Program is intended to provide a safe, kind and sensorially rich environment for the children it serves. Clean and open, movement is encouraged. Plastics and repetitive digital noises are kept to a minimum. Strong daily routines ensure individual attention and care for each child. Outdoor time is valued and taken at every safe opportunity. Harmonious staff relationships provide children with the opportunity to observe and listen to appropriate social interaction.

Our school actively supports the Infant & Toddler Program by providing dedicated oversight for these work-intensive environments.  Only in-house/familiar personnel substitute for absent staff.

As it is our goal to have long term relationships with our families and students. Children participating in our Infant & Toddler Care Program have priority placement, after siblings, to our Transitional Program which is the next step in our school's process of caring for and educating children. 


Program Options

When working with infants and toddlers, safety, manageability, comfort and quality are our top priorities.  Our scheduling options provide flexibility for a variety of family care needs, while maintaining the consistency necessary for peaceful, safe and manageable environments both for the children enrolled and our staff.  Although Bridges Montessori provides a premium level of care for the very young child, we do not consider ourselves a typical day care program. Based on the foundation of our educational philosophy, we emphasize a balanced approach to child care.  Our program is available from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Care Schedules

Our care programs follow a modified schedule based on our typical School calendar. Please feel free to access our Infant & Toddler Calendar for specific holidays and Professional Days that the program will be closed.

Within each session a variety of weekly schedules are available.  Care is available daily from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.