Transitional Program


Our Transitional Program is an intimate learning environment, designed for children aged 24 months through 3 years old. It is our most supportive classroom environment, as potty-training is optional and is included in the learning process. This Montessori-based program is designed to transition the very young child from a home or "care" environment comfortably into a school program.

Montessori in Miniature

Our Transitional classroom is based on the traditional Montessori classrooms in our school, modified appropriately for the developmental and safety needs of the a younger child. The children enrolled in this program move through the same daily routines as the 3 to 6 year-old students enrolled in our Traditional Montessori program. The smaller space and higher student-to-teacher ratio, along with the Montessori-based learning materials, is ideal for this age-group.

Guided Exploration

Like our Traditional program, the Transitional program offers students learning opportunities in self-care, social interaction, care of the environment, art, sensory exploration, language, math, science and geography.  The materials within the classrooms are selected by the teachers, who change them in response to individual student interest and need, seasonal changes and school outreach focus.

Unique to the Montessori style of education, students are able to progress at a learning pace appropriate to their own individual needs, while still reaping the benefits gained by participating fully in a functional, healthy social group.  As the child grows, they accept increasing levels of personal responsibility for themselves, others and as a member of the school community.  This directly translates to a sense of independence, confidence in being able to learn and pride in one's role within a group. 

Children participating in our Transitional Program have enrollment priority and move easily into our school's Summer Session or Traditional Montessori program.

Program Options

Our Transitional program is available four or five days per week, for morning only or full day sessions. To help ease the transition into a classroom setting for both parents and children, we also offer 4-week Parent and Child and two semester long Independent Child classes throughout the school year.

Early drop off and late pickup options are also available to help meet a variety of family scheduling needs.