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Program Tours

If you are considering applying or are interested in more information about our programs, we encourage you to sign up for a tour. Tours at each location, are scheduled frequently throughout the year.



During the tour, parents will have an opportunity to see our Infant classroom and talk to the Infant & Toddler Program Director or the Head of School.  How the Montessori philosophy of education shapes the care of the very young child is a question many parents have and will be discussed.  

Questions regarding a child’s individual scheduling needs, the group’s daily schedule goals, staffing, feeding, sleeping, learning opportunities, outdoor spaces and equipment can be discussed at length.

Please click on the button below to schedule a tour!



Tours of our Montessori programs are held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. We find that holding tours for these programs during non-school hours is the best way to introduce parents to the program in a setting that allows them to freely ask questions and explore the environment.

If after taking a tour, you would like to see our programs in action, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office about scheduling a classroom observation.


Classroom Observations

Our first obligation is to the well-being of the children already enrolled in our programs and so we try to keep their classroom environments as consistent and free of intrusions as possible. As a result, classroom observations are limited to 20 minutes and are for adults only. Observations are scheduled by request, after prospective parents have had a chance to tour, during times that the students are actively working in the classrooms with the Montessori materials. This allows perspective parents to get a feel for our school's environment, culture and energy.